Sunday, 3 March 2013

Adfly Auto Clicker Bot August 2013+ Proxy Multiply [Updated Links]

Sorry This Bot Isn't Working Anymore Check This Out!

Hello Friends Check out this new Adfly Auto-Clicker !Download Adfly AutoClicker Bot Of March 2013 100% Working Bot
Now this time this bot also include a latest version proxy multiply with key so you don't have to worry about proxies or proxy checkers because this will do every proxy related work for you on single click proxy multiply go to configure tab and choose proxies only from u.s, uk and australia.[ make sure you have 200 proxies atleast]

2.just harvest proxies and choose the option of test proxies and after that import proxies open adfly autoclicker go to the settings tab.

4.choose the option of random proxy selector import the proxies where have saved it.  

5.put your adfly link in the link boxes [its recommended that use all 5 diffrent links].

6.let it run close all other programs because it hangs when you run too much things on same time.

7.check the bot after 2 hours you will see near of 2000-3000 clicks.

8.close the bot clear all history and cookies, restart your pc check your adfly account 1 or 2 hours later and you will see near of $4-6 increased balance in your account enjoy.

now lets do some simple math $4 for for average 2.5k clicks so it will be
4x4= $16 easily in a day for 10000 clicks with no work its awesome man.

In the end i just wanted to say be in the limit don't genrate more than 10k clicks from this bot.

                   Direct Download from Mediafire

                   sorry for inconvenience but mediafire links are not working at the moment
                   not to worry you can download it from Hi5 and 2shared

                   Open Download Links in Firefox Or Internet Explorer if you
                   having any trouble with Chrome 

                   Click Here To Download [Hi5]

                   Click Here to Download[2shared]

working adfly bot download it fast before adfly noobs  caught this mysterious thing and shut this trcik down :) !


This bot Inculudes--
Adfly autoclicker
Proxy Multiply with key
And a Video Tutorial

New Adfly Auto Clicker Bot August 2013


Funtastikos said...

hi, i cant download it from mediafire... any other link please?

Adfly Guru said...

sorry for your trouble man but i updated the link. there was some problem with mediafire now you can download it from 2shared and 4shared thanks.

Funtastikos said...

thanks :)

Sean Leith said...


Leo King said...

what is password?

James Parker said...

muchas gracias
making $10 in a day you are awesome man
thanks a lot i am out of my words

boca boci said...

i have bloger and visitor 35.000 in month but I dont know how to join with adf ,,, i needed much info ,,, thanks so much

Dustin Motvizak said...

thanks mate this bot works like a charm
i am using australia proxies and making $4+ for per thousand clicks thanks.

robert nason said...

this is not good think about it if everyone start using this bot so adfly will get bankrupt.

rajveer suri said...

thanks for sharing keep us updated

safirathu rahumania said...

thanks bro.. yet to try it..

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