Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Make money From Adfly Using Pintrest

How to earn money from Adfly fast
Hello friends this is the 2nd step of Adfly Fast Money Making Trick, and its fun too by doing this you will also increase your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook.
First you Have to create an account on Pintrest But if you have already one you don't have to do this.


Pinterest Money , have you heard about pinterest? it is famous just like Facebook , Twitter , Youtube so now people take advantage of this cool site and make money with it.

So how we going to make money with pinterest? , Pinterest Money !!! 

Pinterest and Adfly , secrets that people don't know but with this site its way easier to make money with adfly and i will show you HOW here:

First you will need to create a new Pinterest and Adfly but remember if you have an adfly account no need to create a new one.

Now , how we making the money with pinterest?

On Pintrest, the famous spot is FASHION so we will be uploading pictures about FASHION new fashion stuff and guess how we making the money? , you will be adding your adfly link on that picture.!

So an example , you go to google and search Fashion Pages , they will give you first 10 popular pages on google you will obviously click the first one and will click on any picture FASHION picture and will upload it on your pinterest and when you upload a picture they ask you for you to add a link , add your adfly link there.

How? , you only need to copy where you got that picture from , go to adfly short the url and paste it and put something like click here to see more like this and see more information about it , or i dont know you should know what to put.

I am giving you the idea , you need to take action. This is what i am doing and i am making it BIG

Now , how to have followers on pinterest? Please search that we have it here too.

We have everything here



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